Staff Directory


Executive Director Anne Delfosse
Director Lindy Leech-Painter
Director Nancy Finch-Heuerman
Fiscal/MIS Manager Rachel Rios
Administrative Assistants Rita Buccola, Executive Secretary
  Donna Odell, Administrative Secretary
  Vangie Franco, Senior Account Clerk

Program Specialists

  Michelle Anderson
  Meryl Schrantz
  Amy Shima
  Billy Wilson

Occupational and Physical Therapists

Occupational Therapists Erin Asumbrado
  Lisa Colburn
  Kristen Cooper
  Kimberly Courtney-Bowman
  Rebecca Kim
  Joanne Kudo
  Patty Mulcahy
  Dr. Grace Yi
Physical Therapists Dr. Kerry Caya
  Dr. Todd Bui
  Dr. Ericka Wegener

Vision Services

Teacher of the Visually Impaired Suzanne Abbasi
  Jamie Murdy
  Lisa Okikawa
Orientation & Mobility Specialist Andy Griffin
Braille Transcriber Emily Johnson
  Thanh-Nhan Ly

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

Teacher - Deaf/Hard of Hearing Karen Larsen

Educational Audiologist

  Carey Williams

Assistive Technology/Augmentative and Alternative Communication


Melissa Pattullo

​Andrea Townsend

Literacy Specialist

  Carla Taddeo

Behavior Support Team Specialist

  Leigh Perales