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Staff » Applied Behavior Analysis Web Based Training

Applied Behavior Analysis Web Based Training

Welcome to our web-based ABA Didactic training! This training is comprised of 10 separate segments that will cover the topic of applied behavior analysis as well as autism spectrum disorder.  This includes researched based behavior analytic procedures and instructional strategies proven to be effective with students on the spectrum as well as those with other disabilities.

You will learn, among other things, what the characteristics of autism are, how students with autism learn, reinforcement strategies, how to implement Discrete Trial Teaching, and how to implement specific behavioral teaching strategies in a wide variety of settings with students of all ability levels.

Each training segment includes a video lesson, a handout and a quiz. Quizzes are to be completed after you have viewed the entire video presentation.  In order to successfully pass the segment, you need to score an 80% or higher on the quiz. If you score lower than 80%, you are encouraged to take the quiz again.

When you have completed all 10 segments, and passed with a score of 80% or higher, you will receive a certificate of completion.  
A couple things to note on the training. We had a few technical difficulties with embedding videos in the PowerPoint training. In order to view the videos that Michelle is referring to in her presentation, you will need to watch them from here. When she reaches a point in her presentation where there is a video link, pause Michelle's presentation and watch the videos from here.
The following is a list of the slides that have the non-fuctionining embedded videos.
Slide Number 5
Text on the slide says this: 
"Lets take a look at this 4 month old trying to imitate singing and then a look at some preschoolers learning through play"
(pause Michelle's presentation and watch these two videos)
Slide Number 11
Slide title is: Operant Conditioning
(pause Michelle's presentation and watch this video)
Slide Number 14
The only text on the slide is the video link (it's the slide immediately following the bright yellow graphic of a dog before, during and after conditioning)
(pause Michelle's presentation and watch this video)
Please watch this video after you have watched Michelle's training video: